Chantelle Fox – Summer of Chantelle #2

The day arrives when Chantelle Fox get to experience the start of her first trip to the US, but all doesn't start well...

The day had finally arrived that Chantelle had been waiting for — the day we told her it was all a big joke and left her at the airport while we got on a plane to Las Vegas. [Yeah, just as a rule, if you’re going to play a joke like that, it’s probably not the best idea to leave the country when doing so. You may not have a home to come back to once you have finished your vacation. For such itty-bitty things, porn stars can be rather volatile.]

Seriously, Chantelle was bouncing around and very excited to have finally gotten to the day of traveling to the US. With a small breakfast consisting only of coffee and some fruit, I had headed to my room to close out my case and wait for Chantelle when I heard a rapid knocking. As I opened the door, Chantelle came rushing past in full panic mode. She’d knocked her mobile into the toilet and was almost in tears. Suddenly she needed to head down to one of the local stores in the airport and get a pack of rice. [Never ask how this happened, by the way, because Chantelle will tell you. Some things you just don’t really want to know.]

As she took off at a sprint, I got the hair dryer from the room and started to dry the water that was still on the outside of the phone. [Sure. Let’s call it water.]

A few minutes later Chantelle arrived back in the room, burst open the top of the rice packet, and put the phone in it. I didn’t completely calm her down, but I did get her to sit a little while before we checked out and headed to the departure gates. Before arriving the evening before, I bought a bottle of Chantelle’s favourite type of Rosé wine, but sadly with all the shooting, we never had time to drink it. [Yeah, all that Chantelle naked for the camera stuff can be ever-so-annoying.] As we checked out, I mentioned that we’d planned to tip it down the toilet, but since the stay at the hotel had been great, we offered it to the lady at the desk. She was surprised, but thankful. They normally don’t get any gifts in that job, and at least the wine didn’t go to waste. [Also, if they’d have poured it in the toilet, it would have gotten all over the phone.]

Naturally Chantelle was worried that the phone might not come on again, and she wouldn’t have a way of contacting home. We got to departures, and the first person we approached said it would be okay to take it through security to give the phone more time in the bag of rice. Still we needed to dump the bag of rice before we could go through onto the plane. [Of course, because of all those deadly weapons made of rice. That makes perfect sense.] Chantelle was starting to get more worried.

We were all trying to provide words of support, but we could see she was not feeling all that consoled. We passed through the security and headed to our gate. At the gate, they wanted to see her phone turn on as part of the security checks. They had “randomly” picked Chantelle out to be searched as well. [Well, if you have to search somebody.]

At this point I noticed Chantelle had put the diary in her handbag, bringing up a whole new collection of fears. Now we had to worry that they would ask questions about it. Thankfully, they only flicked through the back pages which were still blank, and then the security guard put it to one side. One problem down, and one problem left to solve. [Hey, if you can narrow down your life to just that, you’re having a pretty good day.]

As you probably expected, Chantelle’s phone wouldn’t come on by itself, and they said we could plug it in to see if it powered up, thus proving it was just a phone. [At least that makes more sense than fearing the potentially lethal rice weapon.] There was a plug just behind the desk where they were doing the search, but when plugged in the phone didn’t come on. Chantelle began to cry since it was her lifeline to her family while away. Then we noticed that the outlet did not look all that good, and I asked one of the officers if it was okay to try another plug socket — just to be sure. They agreed, and I noticed one across from where we were and asked if we could try that one. Chantelle was in bits. [Having now seen Chantelle’s “bits” a few times, this seems like an excellent way to be, but we could be losing something in the translation here.]

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