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Back when we first got started about a decade ago — which equals about five generations in human years — we had a much more “wordy” introduction. On the off chance that some people in society still read, we have adapted that information for display in a more modern context both here and on the Philosophy page. We should mention that contrary to popular belief, though, we were not actually reading by firelight back in those days. … Young people think they invented the world; have you ever noticed?

If you really want to see how far we’ve come (as it were), we saved one of the original video clips from the very first site introduction back in 2008. Granted a lot of the improvements come at least as much from technological advances in shooting for and delivering video on the web, but at least it shows our dedication to beautiful women has been consistent. We remain a dedicated bunch. What can we say? We’re givers.

Syren Sexton