Samantha Bentley – The Luckiest Pinball Machine

The Luckiest Pinball Machine

adult stars imageOne prop has made several appearances on our site over the last few years since we first walked into our industry friend Trash’s place. We first had Natalia Forrest draped over it. We’ve also had Anna Joy get naked around it. Chessie Kay has posed naked around it too (not released as of yet), and Samantha Bentley has even climbed on top of it in a pair of hot pants. What are we talking about? The now wildly famous Playboy Pinball Machine. [Well, it could have been famous before that, but we’d rather see any of those women naked more than we would Hugh Hefner.]

We’ve shot at a “Trash” location several times, and it has become something of a tradition to have a porn star get naked around the machine on these various shoots. I believe Natalia Forrest broke the pinball cherry — as it were — for us. You have seen the still photographs of that shoot, you might remember, and today you finally get to see her solo using that prop as support. [For the record, it’s pretty hard to forget Natalia Forrest (also as it were), and everyone here would be willing to give Natalia whatever support she needs.]

adult stars image adult stars image adult stars image

Honestly, the colorful machine seems to motivate each and every star we’ve had pose near it. You’ll find them usually beginning the “game” by playing with its pulley in a suggestive manner. [Odd. Over in America we call that “start device” a “plunger” — although both terms do seem to convey sexual innuendo when thought of in this context.] Many climb on top of the device like Samantha Bentley did at a recent shoot. Naturally this decision left heart in mouth for a few seconds as we visualised the glass breaking, resulting in copious blood spewing from the AVN-award-winning porn star. Thankfully, Sam is light as a feather and was only on there with her butt on the edge for mere seconds before she jumped off. Our hair probably got a bit greyer that day too. [Also, we don’t shoot that sort of movie. Sam could try Fangoria if she has fantasy in that direction, though. We know those folks, and despite preferring gore to nudity, they seem rather pleasant.]

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adult stars image adult stars image adult stars image

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