Chantelle Fox – Summer of Chantelle #1

`Tis the night before Chantelle Fox flies out to Las Vegas for her first experience of AEE and the US of A.

Chantelle FoxWe met Chantelle at Kings Cross station with a hot caramel latte (as she’d requested). It was bitterly cold in London, but that wasn’t going to start the day off bad. [Of course not, if people let the horrible weather in London ruin their moods, they’d be … well … British.] We had a very excited Chantelle looking forward to the trip, and her mood was contagious to say the least. We headed to Victoria to pick up the Gatwick Express train to Gatwick airport. For a Sunday, it was packed, but thankfully we managed to find a couple of seats and stow the luggage away. [Sure. Like Chantelle would ever have a problem getting a seat on a train.]

While on the train, Chantelle was talking about stuff, and I remember trying to make sure she kept it to PG levels since there was a family standing in the isle due to the train crowding. One or two times Chantelle went into non PG territory, but thankfully no one said anything. [Again, we’re shocked.]

Chantelle FoxWe arrived at Gatwick, eventually found the hotel after Chantelle stopped off for a potty break, and we checked in. The lady at the check-in desk did seem surprised that there were two rooms for the booking. I said we were just friends, and Chantelle chipped in that I didn’t like her. I quickly said to make it one room then, and the lady did point out that it would save me money. As I think back, though, I’m pretty sure we still ended up with two rooms. [Well, to be honest, frugal and porn star almost never go together.]

Chantelle FoxWe headed to our rooms and checked out all the funky technology as Chantelle called it. The rooms were based on the Japanese “pod” style of hotels. Nice big double beds, a wet room with the basin and toilet in the same room, and a touch-screen to turn on lights, drop the blinds, etc. Although they still had an old fashioned remote for the TV. [Some day we have to sit down for a talk with these young people. A truly “old-fashioned” remote would be called feet, because we had to get up and walk across the room to change the channel. … Primitive, right?]

Chantelle FoxWe headed down to the airport to grab some dinner. Chantelle must have been very hungry as her burger and chips were gone quickly. Chantelle now with a “food baby” and a drink sorted for her, we headed back to the hotel to shoot the next in the video diaries series, this time with her talking directly to camera. We did a quick follow-up interview, catching up on stuff from the last time we shot with her until now. [At this point it was too early to ask her how much she loved Steve, but around the world in Colorado, Nevada, and California, we were all preparing for the introduction.]

It turned out that a lot had changed. Chantelle had cut back on the modeling, now spending the bulk of her time studying. Thankfully, she still got her kit off to shoot a stills set in her room for the new camera. In fact it was so new that we hadn’t even had a chance to test it out on a yet. [Sure, because using new equipment for the first time on something very important makes perfect sense, right?] … First test? It passed with flying colours! Considering we were in such a small space and not great room lighting, we got some great pics. Hopefully, things will improve when in Vegas with more lighting and all the kit the usual camera guys bring. [OK. That use of “kit” we understand. Chantelle getting her “kit off” still confuses us, but it does sound quite pleasant.]

Chantelle FoxWe’d had a long day by the time we’d finished at just after 10pm, so with a hug, Chantelle headed to her room. We headed to ours to wind down and try and get some sleep, preparing for the long day of traveling the next day. This time we are thinking that having a pretty porn star next to you on a flight might make time go by quicker. … [It might, but it also depends upon how well she can keep the “PG” in her conversations. Sound carries in those little tubes, and we know from experience, there’s no place to hide.]

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