Chantelle Fox – Summer of Chantelle #3

Chantelle Fox finally gets her hands on US legendary star Shayla LaVeaux as both stars enjoy each other so much that Shayla is head over heels for Chantelle.

Today, Chantelle was awake very early due to time zone conflicts and had already tried to contact me several times on my mobile. Of course it was before I had awakened, and by the time I had replied she had already run a bath and was enjoying it. Of course we immediately popped over to her room, because why miss a chance to see Chantelle fully wet? [Why indeed.] After the both of us had met up with Lucky for breakfast, we headed up to his room where Chantelle was going to experience the storm wrought by wizard photographer Chris King — and also get to “play” with Shayla LaVeaux. [Chris does have a style all his own, and a collection of tag lines he uses when he shoots that he should copyright. “Nicely done.”]

adult stars imageWe took on the task of being in charge of the BTS — as well as gofer and general helper for Chantelle during the day. [Oddly enough, Chantelle has no problem getting boys to do things for her. It’s a mystery.] Best job ever. … Seriously, we were cool with the arrangement. While getting changed, Chantelle began flapping her arms and saying she was doing the “Funky Chicken” dance. Sometimes cultural things in one country don’t cross over to another. [Hey! We have funky chickens over here! … Of course that just means that you shouldn’t eat them.]

Grabbing some quick BTS pictures of Shayla and Chantelle changing, we then got to see Chris in full effect taking pictures of Shayla. [“And suddenly for no reason at all, a finger appears in the puss.”] Chris was getting into all sorts of shots. I swear if he could hang off the ceiling to get the angle he wanted, he would. [Oh, Dear Lord. … Chris King with superpowers. Now that’s a terrifying thought.]

Shayla was knocking it out of the park already, and she wasn’t even out of her underwear. This was going to be a long [and frightfully fun] day. With Shayla’s pictures done, she couldn’t wait to get her hands on Chantelle already. [Yeah, we know Shayla pretty well here, and “hands” may not have been the body part that she most anticipated applying.]

adult stars imageChris called Shayla back to do more pictures, as Chantelle — already in her outfit — watched from the sidelines as Chris continued to work his magic. [“Highly erotic.”] Chris then got both Chantelle and Shayla together in front of the camera for the first time. … Although it would not be the last. Shayla immediately began getting hands-on with Chantelle, and Chantelle was loving it already. [To be fair, Shayla has that effect on lots of people.]

Chris said he wanted Chantelle in heavy make up for now. Chantelle had chosen an outfit that was similar to Shayla’s, and Chris felt it made her look too innocent. Chantelle even said she felt outside of her comfort zone. [You get just a little jaded in this business, so women that have covered 30% of their skin with tattoos and have stainless steel poked through various places in their body can still look innocent. It’s a weird world.]

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