Satine Spark Teaser

For this shoot, we put it to the Twitter universe about which model from our long shoot list we should do a shoot with. We like our Twitter followers. They chose...wisely.

Satine Spark lights up our shoot

2016 is turning out to be a year of adding lots of UK stars to our growing list of featured stars on our site. One such new addition to the site is Satine Spark. It’s amazing to think that Satine has been in the UK industry since 2009!

Satine SparkHow we came about working with Satine is a sign of how to include the fans on Twitter. We put it to a vote using their poll feature. We listed a few models we’d had on our list of models to work with and Satine was one of them. By the end of the voting period, Satine had won.

Satine Spark Satine Spark

You find out more about the shoot when we publish our shoot report, but for now we will tease you with some pictures from the shoot and just say that Satine has several things going for her straight off the bat:

  • She looks great naked
  • She likes Hello Kitty (Satine will no doubt be receiving lots of emails from our friend DMinion over at
  • She’s a gamer (PC AND Xbox)
  • She looks great naked AND has a bush
Satine Spark Satine Spark

Satine is also great at the BTS with lots of “BTS Gold” found already while we were going through the raw footage from the shoot. We’ve no doubt we’ll get Satine back in the future for more of her naked frolics in front of our cameras.

Why not join our site and see more of Satine and other UK stars we’ve had the pleasure of photographing over the years. You’ll find we’re not your typical adult site, but why follow the pack, right? It’s good to be a bit different.

If you want to see for yourself the wonders of Satine, you can follow her via:



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