We are going to be posting some pictures when either a model doesn't take herself too seriously on a shoot and we get pictures that sometimes will never see the light of day, but sometimes are funny enough that we will.

Funny Outtakes – Cate Harrington

There are times during a shoot that a model will either get caught mid-blink, pulling a face so funny that you have to laugh, or even put a pair of shorts on her head. (Yep, that has happened.)

Outtakes - Cate HarringtonSometimes these funny outtakes never see the light of day because they just don’t make the cut when we consider the mood we’re trying to create on the Members’ Side Galleries. Sometimes they do show up, though, because it fits in with the style and humor that the model brings to the set on the day of the shoot. To help start this lighthearted look at these kinds of pictures, we’ve pulled a picture of Cate Harrington showing her deep love and affection for our photographer. Cate didn’t take herself too seriously on our shoots, and she’d never let any of us do so either. She’d pose to very high standards, but every now and again you’d get a picture like this.

It always seems like Cate enjoys herself no matter what she may be doing, and whether or not she has clothes on at the time never seems to matter. We have always liked photographing Cate Harrington for many reasons, but the fun and humor showing through in her pictures and videos would be an important one.

Oh! And what we said at the start of this post about a model putting her shorts on her head? Yeah, we plan to show you that one too (though it is on the free side if you look for it — just in an edited form).

Let us know if you like this feature. We have a lot of these so we have planned to post them on regular basis if you’re interested. You have to join to see the explicit material that we shoot, but even the free side can hopefully bring a smile to your faces. Laughter should always be free.

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