Kristal Summers – Vision of an Angel

Back when Erotica LA was still around, we got a chance to do a photo shoot with US porn star Kristal Summers. Thankfully, she was soon naked in front of our cameras.

Erotica L.A. — 2008

Kristal SummersWhen we first teased you with pictures from our shoot with Kristal Summers last year we were going to show you this set “pretty soon” afterwards. Now we didn’t plan on ten months being pretty soon, but we think, as the saying goes, that “Good things come to those who wait.” [This of course presupposes that the waiting added to the ultimate enjoyment, but we should probably not pick on Dear Maverick too much here, as we happen to know all of the things we laid on his plate over the last year.]

Kristal SummersWe really were going to post this set a few short weeks after teasing you all with Kristal’s clothed pictures, but once again, life on the web throws things up that sometimes push your plans back. Besides, we ended up getting Photoshop CS4 during this time, and the difference a few upgrade versions makes has been amazing. Also, using that piece of software on a Kristal Summers stills set was a great way to learn the program. [Certainly Mav’s decision to upgrade had nothing at all to do with us continually berating him about the software he was trying to use in a professional capacity. Nope. Mav’s our friend, and we certainly wouldn’t taunt our friend simply because he was consistently trying to work under an asinine set of conditions. It’s not nice to make fun of handicapped people, after all.]

Kristal SummersWe did remember our friend over at Risqué, D.Minion, shooting the behind-the-scenes footage you’re going to see of the shoot and after much searching our DV tapes and hard drives, we finally found the footage. Sadly, we forgot to switch the mic on during the shoot, so you’ll get visual but not audio. [It’s true: Even really good professional level video and audio capture devices still require that the operator actually switch the function on before attempting the recording. Clearly the people that came up with this default system did not anticipate trying to remember such silly details while trying to take pictures of Kristal naked.] A Kristal visual is nothing to be sneezed at, though, and we’re putting it down to that proven phenomenon known as, “The Kristal Effect.” [And for this we certainly have enough empirical evidence to support the impact of this condition to even the most conservative scientist. … Of course putting Kristal in charge of swaying any sort of actual scientist wouldn’t really be fair. Sort of like kicking a blind dog … .]

Kristal SummersSo, finally, we bring you the pictures we promised to show you “pretty soon” and as a bonus you’ll get to see that we didn’t drop our camera or blush at anytime — while Kristal was slowly losing more of her clothes in front of us during the shoot. (And if we did, we edited it out.) Our thanks to D.Minion for handling the DV and, amazingly, taking stills of the shoot with her own behind the scenes digital camera at the same time. [Interestingly, the former kindergarten and special education instructor now has more experience dealing with naked masturbating women than all but a very small percentage of people on the planet. Life is just weird, isn’t it? … No wonder scientists get frustrated.]

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