Erotica L.A. – Friday 6th June 2008 – Day One

It's Erotica L.A. convention time as we begin art report from sunny Los Angeles.

This was my first Erotica Los Angeles since 2005 so I was looking forward to seeing what had changed during that time. [Same story, Mav. Different beautiful woman.]

Walking in you are greeted by the usual huge banners belonging to Wicked Pictures, which now featured the two stars that they had signed, Alektra Blue and Mikayla Mendez. The Wicked booth was also near the main entrance, but was scaled down from its normally large size that I’d seen at AEE on several occasions. Jessica Drake was first up on signing duties at their stand and already there was a long line of fans waiting to get signed pictures and the like. [Yeah, well, it really doesn’t matter what they would have liked; they just got signed pictures.]

I took a quick look around while Risqué member Lon and über minion DM joined the line of fans waiting for Jessica. Hopefully, they mentioned to Jessica that it was good she wasn’t wearing long trousers this time and they could see her legs — unlike at AEE this past January. Belladonna was signing at the Evil Angel booth, and she too already had a long line of fans at her booth. Also Ninn Worx_SR had posters and banners all over the convention hall with The Four on them. [For more on NW_SR go … honestly just about anywhere on the web these days. All is not well in Whoville.]

iPorn modelA model with iPorn on her clothing was drawing the attention of a lot of males. Maybe they thought there would be an iPod with free porn on it. [Uh. Yeah. That’s gotta be it.]

With Lon and DM happy after seeing Jessica, we strolled around the convention hall to see who was signing this year. We quickly found Heather Vuur, back going under the name of Heather Vandeven. [Note NW_SR discussion above. Heather’s one of the unhappy Who people.] She was promoting her site along side of Kimberly Kane and Justine Joli, who were promoting theirs. [All in all this was an unusually beautiful booth. Must have been the bunting ….]

Playboy Radio was once again broadcasting from a convention with Christy Canyon and new co-host Vanessa Blue attracting a lot of fans, along with stars waiting to be interviewed live on the radio show. [Or maybe they just wanted to sit next to Christy. There are much crazier plans in life.]

We found Stephanie Swift signing at a booth, and while DM and Lon caught up with her, I noticed in the booth opposite some models attracting a lot of attention. I quickly grabbed a few shoots and then noticed a model in very small stars and strips outfit and took a picture of her. [Clearly porn stars are a very patriotic lot.] Turning my attention back to the booth opposite Stephanie Swift’s, I noticed one of the other models also there was Natasha Nice. I grabbed a few quick shots of her and also put it in mind to come back during the convention and grab some video of her.

Lexi LoveWe split up to cover more of the convention hall and I found Lexi Love signing. Now, I knew Lexi would be signing during ELA as I’d been in contact with her trying to arrange a shoot for while I was out in LA. Sadly, things didn’t work out, but I had said to her that I would drop by to say "Hi" at least. She had a lot of fans waiting in line for her, so I took some pictures and then joined the line. After a few minutes I made it to the front of the line and introduced myself. It took her a second for the name to register, but then she said it was good to meet me in person. I apologized that things hadn’t worked out (that we couldn’t arrange a shoot) but she said it was okay and these things happen. [They do. It’s sad.] She also updated me that some makeup artists had contacted her too, and I asked her to just send their email addresses to me so I could keep them on file. I could see that she was busy, so I said that maybe we could work something out for AEE and that I’d drop by during the rest of the convention to pick up a signed picture. You never know, you might be seeing Lexi on 247 in the future. We’ll keep you posted. [Well if his conversation with the pretty girl was as rambling as this paragraph, she’s probably still trying to figure out what he said.]

The TeraVision booth was attracting a lot of attention with Tera Patrick, Sasha Grey and Sunny Leon all signing. [Gee. Go figure.] Jules Jordan had their usual booth with stars Allie Foster, Marie Luv, Gina Lynn and of course Jenna Haze signing. Also, Rebeca Linares was attracting a lot of fans over at the Hot Movies booth. ["Long Lines for Linares" … We should do PR for her. It would be fun.]

Over at the Adam & Eve booth, both Kayden Kross and Bree Olson were signing today. Adam & Eve’s booth was also scaled down from its normally large size. [Despite the soothing tones of the U.S. President, the American economy sucks.] Back at the Wicked Pictures booth, Stormy was now signing and she too was attracting a long line of fans waiting to get signed stuff and pictures.

Lon and DM were going to one of the seminars being held during the show called Pole Dancing for Fun & Fitness. I just happened to be near the entrance to the seminar area when they were bringing the pole dancing stage through. By Murphy’s Law, the seminar seating had been arranged so that the pole dancing stage was just bigger than the space between the seating. It took four men and a woman to lift it over the seating to get it to the main stage. [Maybe this was the "fitness" part? It doesn’t sound very fun.]

The rodeo bull made another appearance at this convention too — with both models and fans trying it out. [We should mention that they DO serve alcohol at these LA conventions. This helps the whole bull-riding thing a lot. Oddly, there’s no one much willing to ride early in the day. Hmm.]

Just opposite the Wicked Pictures booth, a crowd had gathered as a line of models with clothing saying, “Sexy is back!” were in a long line with fans getting pictures. [Maybe we didn’t get the memo. Did sexy go somewhere? Did we all get tired of it at some point and we missed the trend entirely? … Dang. Don’t you just hate it when you still like looking at pretty women, and then you find out you’re hopelessly behind the times? Who decides these things? They need to take a nap.]

At the Wicked booth itself, Kaylani Lei was also now signing with new Wicked contract star, Mikayla Mendez. I’d seen Mikayla at the Naughty America booth during AEE in January, and even then she had been attracting a lot of fans. Amazing what can happen in few months. [… particularly if you’re both naughty and wicked.]

Next to the Wicked booth was a "Learn to Salsa" booth. Now I couldn’t say why they would be there, but maybe knowing how to Salsa is erotic for some people. Still, having the female instructor in hot pants seemed to attract a lot of people to their booth. Me, I’ve got two left feet so I’d just be going around in circles. [The physics would see to dictate that it would take one stationary foot to go in circles, and that two left feet would just move you in a straight line, but we could be wrong about that. For our part we avoided the salsa booth entirely because they didn’t have any chips.]

Ava RoseAva Rose was now also signing over at the Adam & Eve booth — a totally different look from how I’d seen her at past conventions. [Still, it looked good on her. Any time Ava wants to come to the office to try out different looks, she’s welcome. After all, we remain dedicated to the furtherance of fashion knowledge.]

Now, Lon had met this next model at last year’s convention, so I was hoping Savanah Goldthat she would be signing again this year. As luck would have it, as I was walking away from the Adam & Eve booth, I saw Savanah Gold. Now, we know her in the UK as Natalie Heck as she used to be a UK model, but I believe she is now based over in the US along with the name change. [Yeah, well it seems silly to move over here and leave your name change back in England. And while we can’t speak for her, we can say that people usually laugh at us when we use the word "heck" in a sentence.] She was attracting a lot of fans (blonde and big boobs … that seems to attract a lot of people all the time) and even convention centre security. At one time, with her top showing some of her boobs, she asked the security guy if it was okay to have her top like that. He said it was okay, but no higher. I was hoping to chat to her, but I didn’t notice that she was signing only for the first day at the booth. Doh! [Hmm. Her signing schedule was posted very clearly on the pole next to her signing table. Wonder what Mav was looking at … .]

I’d noticed that a lot of the big companies had were not at the show as I saw Shay Jordan, who I had seen signing at the Digital Playground booth at AEE in January walking around interviewing people. [Actually who was NOT there this year tells more of a story than who was, but we’ve covered that a lot over on the risqué side. Feel free to pop over there and check it out. … Then drop Lon an email and ask him where his ELA story is. There’s a lot of food we still need to hear about.]

There was a dance show during the convention so today I took pictures of it, and the fans in the convention liked the girl dancers a lot! [What’s not to like again?]

Sunny Lane was attracting a big crowd over at the Rodney Moore booth in what can be described only as a very short skirt! [Well, we might be able to think of a few different ways to describe that, what with us having years more experience and all. However, it seemed more interesting to note that the skirt must have made a rather large impression on Dear Maverick, since it apparently rendered it impossible for him to continue writing, just by thinking about it. Now maybe that wasn’t it, but that’s what we’re going with as an explanation for a rather abrupt "conclusion" for a story. Maybe it’s a Brit thing.]

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