Chessie Kay – Art of the BJ

When Chessie Kay showed off her oral skills for the first time on our site.

Let’s be clear and say that if you ever get the chance to get a blow job from Chessie Kay, you should just say one word: "Yes!" [Good thing they told us that because as a rule, most guys turn down blow jobs all the time.] In this report about Chessie’s the Art of the Blowjob entry, we tell you why Chessie’s BJ skills have become legendary around the office.

With the first set in the bag, we were going to shoot the two BG videos with Chessie. As we mentioned, though, time would be an enemy at the end of the shoot. First we had scheduled to shoot an Art of the Blowjob scene with Chessie to add to that section. Chessie asked how I like it: fast, slow, lots of spit, etc. I explained that it’s to show off your (oral) skills set, so go with what you do and tell the viewer what you like to do. She said she’d better warn me that she normally carries on after the pop while the guy is sensitive as she likes doing it, but that some people she’d worked with didn’t like that. I told to go for it (and that they are crazy!) If you’ve got a beautiful woman sucking on your nads (slang for balls for our American friends) who wouldn’t want her to carry on? [We could explain how different people like different things, but honestly we have already had quite enough of this mental image to last us for some time.]

We shot the scene and learned that Chessie really likes to get the cock she’s sucking all the way into the back of her throat. She also loves to lick balls as well as the tip of a cock. While changing positions we took some pics for Twitter to keep the fans updated on the shoot. [Yeah, that seems like a perfectly reasonable time to be thinking about social media.]

Now we got to the time to pop. We had already warned Chessie that we’d saved 4 weeks of cum for this shoot, but that didn’t scare her at all. She said she was looking forward to emptying those balls. So were we. [Giving orgasms is great, but it still doesn’t really compare to receiving them. Let’s be honest.] Chessie did her bit and then did what she warned me she would do and just kept going. We were squirming, but also trying to keep the camera steady and not lose the shot. To say it’s a great sensation (and one that will make you squirm) [clearly] would be an understatement, and when we finally calmed down, we had to appreciate Chessie’s style. Wow.

Chessie Kay Chessie Kay Chessie Kay
Chessie showing off her oral skills & the result

Time was against us, so sadly I chose to drop the other BG scene. I know, I’m crazy, but I wanted to have some more pictures of Chessie this time around. We ultimately decided that she had made such a great impression this time around, we would have to get her back soon for another shoot. [Yeah, we bet we can guess how the guy that didn’t get laid voted on that little debate.]

As a side note and special New Years’ bonus, our US friends over at saw our chopper — meaning a helicopter rather than the UK slang term for a penis — flight over Vegas last January and did their own version in their unique style. We thought it a great way to start the year off as we will be heading over to Vegas again in a few short weeks. [But Chantelle’s not coming this year, so time is running out for us to practice our, “Of course we’re not terribly disappointed to see just you, Mav,” expressions. So far, we’re failing miserably on the believability standard. … BTW, if chopper means penis in England, what do you think “licking your chops” means? Probably shouldn’t ask the Queen, right?]

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