Chantelle Fox – Summer of Chantelle #8 – It’s a wrap

It's a wrap as we close our Summer of Chantelle Fox report of Chantelle's first trip to Las Vegas.

We sadly come to our last part of our Summer of Chantelle series with this post — though we do have an excellent, more in depth look at what happened in a Hard Rock hotel room when you put Chantelle, Shayla and a stud in the same room. (Said stud was not any one of us, by the way, but we’d all have liked to be in his position.) [Yeah, that’s a daring group, y’know be willing to have a 3-way with Shayla and Chantelle and all. Very brave.]

Chantelle FoxWhen Lucky and the team over at suggested — back in the mists of time — that we should bring over a local star, we all thought that we couldn’t pick a better star to represent our UK industry then Chantelle Fox. [They would prove to be quite correct in this assumption, as you will know if you have been keeping up with this series since May of this year. Honestly, there will just be no living with them from now on. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to ignore Skype.]

From start to finish, Chantelle took up the mantle of keeping a diary of the whole project — and then taking it a step further and going back to when we first started shooting her for our site. She kept regular meet-ups to see how things were going in the lead up to Las Vegas. Then even when there, she not only kept continually on point when it came to shooting stuff with Shayla and Ginger [et al.], but she easily became one of the group in a very short time, even becoming great friends with Shayla — and no doubt getting some new American fans from the members who were on in Vegas with the group. [Also true. For the record we all voted to just leave Mav in England this coming January and having him just send over Chantelle instead. … Also for the record, Mav has no sense of humor.]

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