Chantelle Fox – Summer of Chantelle #6

Chantelle's continuing adventure in Las Vegas lead her to come face to face with the legendary Ginger Lynn. Chantelle gets naked of course.

When you get to meet a legend of the US porn biz like Shayla LaVeaux, you’d have thought that was enough excitement for one trip, but Lucky had arranged for Chantelle to also meet Ginger Lynn. I told her that she was basically meeting royalty (as if she hadn’t already, meeting Shayla). Of course since Chantelle had hit it off so quickly with Shayla, we had no doubt she would make an impression on Ginger too. [One thing about Ginger, she tends to warm right up to people … you know, or scare them to death or something.]

Chantelle called shotgun, so I sat in the back with DM as Lucky drove from the hotel to Ginger’s place. When we arrived, we were greeted by Ginger’s partner as Ginger was running late because she was out shopping. We sat down and chatted for a while before he started to prep their camera equipment. We wanted to be ready when Ginger got back. [Nick has a heck of a lot on his plate helping with all of Ginger’s ventures, and now they’re working on her book too. Basically, the guy never sleeps. Of course he goes to bed with Ginger Lynn every night, so maybe that makes sense.]

Chantelle FoxA little while later Ginger arrived, surprisingly with arms full of food. Ginger had bought some Carl’s Jr. burgers, and both Chantelle and I suddenly found we were hungry. While we ate, Ginger began prepping the clothing Chantelle had brought with her, along with putting final tweaks on the lighting. Their system involves not only shooting Chantelle in several of the outfits, but also taking Polaroid pics of her in them, then “bagging and tagging” everything to keep it organized. [The GingerLynnAuctions site gets a remarkable amount of interest, as does everything Ginger does, actually. Just seeing the system it takes to keep all the outfits, for all the women, organized; then tracking what has sold, and then shipped … well it can make a code geek shiver in fear. Dealing with that many actual, physical things, in a 3D world? … Oh, dear. … ]

Ginger wanted to help Chantelle get her pussy wet, and so she just began to lick it. [Well, she did ask first, but somehow I don’t think even that would have helped with the rest of us — must be the whole ICON thing.] Chantelle was happy and giving the thumbs up, smiling all the while. She’d been a lucky lady this week with two legendary US stars enjoying a quality British pussy. [Chantelle also got a “lucky” tattoo, in case we failed to mention that before now.]

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