Chantelle Fox – Summer of Chantelle #7

Chantelle Fox spends her last few hours in Las Vegas during AEE 2015 to check out the Erotic Museum and see all the stars that have made the Golden Age of Porn what it is...including Chantelle's new BFF Shayla LaVeaux.

Sunday 25th Jan

We had our last few hours in Vegas. Lucky and DM were heading back early so we went down to see them off. Lucky and DM both gave Chantelle big hugs and told her to keep in contact. [Oddly enough I do not recall saying this to anyone else, but maybe I just can’t remember.] She really had made a great impact on the group over the week, and I think she’s made lifelong friends with everyone in the group. While Chantelle did find it hard to say goodbye to her new friends, we did our best to comfort her, offering a shoulder for her to compose herself on. [Just a hunch, but there could have been an offer of something else to help take her mind off of her sadness too. That Mav, he’s a good friend.]

adult stars imageWe went up to Gibby’s room, and he had some large posters from one of Lexi Belle’s dancing gigs that she had signed for him. I suggested to Chantelle that this would be a good chance for her to get close to Lexi, so Chantelle went straight between the picture of Lexi Belle’s legs and stuck her tongue out. Naturally we couldn’t miss this BTS moment, so we took the obligatory photo. Then Gibby had an idea to go to the Erotic Museum a few blocks from the hotel. Chantelle and I both thought it would be a brilliant idea to help kill our last few hours in Vegas. Just so you know, trying to keep up with Gibby ends up being an event in and of itself, since with him being really tall, he takes bigger strides than this English duo. I know I had sweat on by the time we got there, but Chantelle was way fitter than me, she just probably glowed. [Well, Gibby has bigger shoulders too, so she probably just wanted to use them to cry on. Clearly she was missing me terribly, the poor thing.]

When we got to the museum, we went inside after Gibby kindly paid the entrance fee, even though both of us wanted to pay our own way. Gibby had visited before so he became the unofficial guide as Chantelle and I took in the sights. As we walked around we saw a display with penis sizes and shapes over the ages. Chantelle was all over it straight away and wanted to touch them — which she did. You can take the girl out of England, but you can’t take out the porn star. [Whyever would you want to?]

adult stars image adult stars image
Two things Chantelle likes to do

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