Fetish Solo by Cate

Cate Harrington does a solo in a PVC and a toy. We don't have to mention that she also does LOTS of dirty talk too.

Cate Harrington Presents …

Cate Harrington Fetish Solo for 247AdultStarsWe always get happy when content from Cate Harrington appears on the to-be-posted queue of content again. Should you visit, you’d find smiles all around and no doubt a few reasons why some of the minions (both male and female) disappear with their phones and tablets for long periods of time. Maybe they are drinking too much tea and need to keep going for a pee. [Or maybe Mav should just block the Wi-Fi in the bathrooms. It might be the easiest solution to the bladder problems.]

There’s simply something about Ms. Harrington that brings up these bright emotions. As soon as you hear her name, a smile comes across everyone’s face. You can easily see why she ranks up there with some of the most well-known and most-liked stars the UK industry. Of course we can see why people like Cate. She’s great looking; she can dirty talk with the best of them, has a great sense of humour and — best of all — likes to be naked a lot of the time. [Maybe she should run for President over here. It’s not like we have a lot of really excellent choices currently. Rumor has it that folks have gotten around that “born in the U.S. thing” before.]

We also remember that every time we booked a Cate Harrington shoot, we’d really look forward to it. Not only were they extremely enjoyable shoots that sadly invariably flew by, but we could count on Cate to give it her all, be it either pictures or video. [For the record, we did have to call and ask, but Cate did not in fact die or anything. Apparently she has just retired from nude modeling. We were running the risk of sounding a bit like a eulogy here it seemed. And goodness knows the Brits do so enjoy a good send-off to the afterlife, or the corner chemist, whatever.]

Cate HarringtonWe do have a few Cate Specials left in our vault, though, so we will all have some “new” Ms. Harrington to enjoy in our traditional “old” way for a bit at least. For today’s post, for example, Cate took out a big red dildo, seeming quite adept at putting it through its intended paces. Yep, she took to licking that toy like a lollipop, taking it all the way to the back of her throat before pushing it deep into her pussy. [Wait! You mean those are not really neck massagers?]

It’s okay, we will wait while you all need to go to the restroom. [Apparently you might need your favorite mobile device, just so you know.]

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