Happy 247AdultStars Birthday!

In 2008 we took our first steps covering the adult industry, photographing stars in both the UK and the US. On this 247AdultStars Birthday, we look ahead.

Has eight years really gone by this quickly? [That depends. Were you married during that time?] Seems only like a little while ago that we first picked up a camera and went to our first shoot with Kaz B. Wow. Time has passed really quickly. Retrospect always adds some interesting perspective, though, and birthdays always seem like good days for that.

Between then and now we’ve had the pleasure of working with several models that were just starting to take off and become stars at the time, several who are as drop-dead good looking in person as they appear on camera, not to mention a wonderful bunch that have shown a devilish sense of humour both on and off set. [We should warn everyone that a beautiful woman that can make you laugh might be the most dangerous animal on the planet.]

Kaz BLooking back, we have to thank Kaz B for making our virgin shoot go smoothly for a nervous guy photographing his first model. If that shoot hadn’t been as great as it was, we could have stopped right then and there and begun researching different ways to make a living. Instead Kaz’s shoot turned out to be the first of many with her, and would serve as the perfect start for our adventure and mission — that being capturing stars of the adult industry with video and photography. [No sense having small dreams.]

The years have been very kind to us, as we have had chances to work with stars whose work we … er … studied … more than a few times. [“Studied.” … Sure. We get it. Very studious bunch out there at 247.]

We cannot possibly name them all, but some memories come to mind on this anniversary of our 247AS birth, so we felt like sharing.

We got a chance to work with a quietly unknown model at the time, Suzie Best — sadly just the one time — and a wildly famous performer, Samantha Bentley. (Who’d have thought that a quick introduction at a convention in the middle of the UK would lead to her wanting to shoot with us?) Pity we had only had a chance to work with Samantha right as she approached retirement, but we still wouldn’t turn down the chance to be on the same set as a multi-award winning star on both sides of the water. Having been a fan of her work too, Sandie Caine was another model we’d really wanted to shoot, and we felt fortunate to get a few opportunities with her. [If they’re going to go through every single shoot across eight years, we might all want to take a break and get a nice frosty beverage before we continue.]

Sandie Caine

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