Erotica London 2011 Gets it On!

We head to Erotica London 2011 to see how the Brits do adult conventions and end up with lots of pictures of Syren Sexton and a few DVDs.

Erotica London 2011

Before we start our report, we should say straight away you’re going to see lots of pictures and video of Syren Sexton. [And this constitutes a problem why exactly?] We don’t apologise for this since everyone agrees that we get very easily distracted when there’s blondes with big boobs around. [Yeah, well that’s sort of like agreeing that the sky is blue, after all.] When Syren Sexton is around — and topless as well — we’re all over that (shooting pictures and video that is). Cool, we’ve got that cleared up, let’s begin the report. … [And here we were thinking this would have been an excellent place to show us all the first picture of Syren. Silly us.]

Erotica London 2011 had come around, and we decided to go to the show on the first day (Friday 18th, November 2011). So we bought our ticket a few days before (£22.50 after everyone had added on their booking fees, etc. – about $34) and then headed to the show on the Friday morning. [Gee. For $34 at a convention over here, you can get a hot dog and some chips, but that’s about it.]

This year at least there wasn’t any rain, and it wasn’t actually that cold, so the walk from the underground (Metro) wasn’t that bad. [Just out of curiosity, if you’re “underground” why does the rain matter?] I handed my ticket to the people at the door and then was asked to go to a search point so they could look in my bag. [Don’t you just hate that this is necessary anymore?] When he saw my camera in the bag, the guy doing the searching said that I wouldn’t be allowed to take pictures. Now the good thing is that I had read on the show’s website that this year they had relaxed the taking of pictures. But in a very British way, you had to get permission from the person you were taking a picture of. So that would mean I would have to, if say taking a picture of an artist on the stage, walk up to them while they were performing and ask, “Excuse me, can I take a picture? They say we have to ask first” As you probably have guessed, that didn’t happen. Slowly but surely I began to take pictures, just in case the people at the convention hadn’t read the memo. [It is always easier to ask forgiveness rather than permission, Mav.]

Syren & Katie KI headed to the Television X booth since I knew that our buddies Katie K and Syren Sexton would be there all day! Man, the shifts they have to do! Katie was talking with some fans, so I headed over to Syren who saw me, jumped up and gave me a big hug. [Well, that was probably good for yet another 247 shoot again soon. Bright lady, that Syren.] We had a quick chat, and she said that they were telling all the girls to “Sell, Sell, Sell!” So I said to her next time I came back to the booth, to grab me and sell me a DVD. Hey, I’m willing to help out our buddies. I managed to get both Katie and Syren for a few seconds and took a couple of shots of them both.

NancyNow, if there’s anyone out there that follows football (soccer), you might know who Nancy Dell’Olio is. For those of you that don’t, she is the ex-girlfriend of the previous England coach and has recently appeared on Strictly Come Dancing. (“Dancing with the Stars” is the US version.) It seemed Erotica was trying to get a lot of mainstream stars to appear during the three days of the convention. [Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t “Strictly Come Dancing” sound like a porn movie title? Not that I would complain about seeing “the ex-girlfriend of the previous England coach” perform, mind you.]

I had a walk around the convention, which is more for fetish and niches rather than the porn side, say like AEE where there are lots of stars around. There were the usual leather products, toys, etc., but it did appear to be a bit busier since the last time we came to the convention in 2009. Maybe British people are getting kinkier! [Oh, no. Like the rest of the world, they may be getting more openly kinky, but that’s not really the same thing at all.]

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