Risqué Commune

If you think we can be a bit bizarre, just wait until you get a load of our friends at Risque.com. As part of your membership with 247AdultStars, you get full and complete access to all of the areas of that site too. They’ve been around a really long time, managing the careers of some of the most successful adult stars of all time, and you can spend literally weeks going through everything over there.

At last count (that we heard) they had nearly 24,000 PAGES of completely unique and exclusive postings, along with over half a million photographs (most also exclusive) and somewhere around 5,000 video clips — with more being added nearly every day. And you get all of it when you come along for our relatively traditional ride here.

The Risqué Theory

Naturally the content on risque.com, too, involves “moving pictures” of various incarnation. Consequently, if you have a broadband connection, you’ll be quite happy with some of the exclusive insights you’ll see there. OK. That may have been a bit broad (if you’ll pardon the expression) in description. Risque does happen to have an extensive collection of rather unusual video clips, if you want to know the truth — the series of singing toys and the lizard sitting on a window sill coming most quickly to mind. That said, they also have some of the most spontaneous behind the scenes clips, cam show replays, exclusive movie clips and recorded diaries of the performers that you’re ever likely to see. When observed with a reasonable accompaniment of an appropriate adult beverage, you might even forget about the weird ones. Maybe.

Our Conclusion

If nothing else, you can do what we do. Every time you get to thinking that your life seems just too strange and difficult to deal with, just spend an hour or so looking over the goings on at Risqué. We’re completely sane compared to those crazy Americans. It’s a wonder they ever get anything done.

Visual Shortcuts

Should you prefer pictures to words, you can scroll through all of the sites currently INCLUDED with a 247AdultStars membership.